golden-2016-new-year-greeting_1017-1511“Nobody is born a WINNER, Nobody is born a LOOSER but Everybody is born a CHOOSER.” – Anonymous

Another 366 days; today you are as oldest as you can be, today you are youngest as you will ever be!

Another 366 days; the chance to start afresh

Another 366 days; to dream again and keep hope alive

Another 366 days; to take chances and be daring

Another 366 days; to be you, crazy and authentic

Another 366 days; refine your choice, make a decision and commit with dogged determination……..don’t give up!

Another 366 days; 365 days from today, you will wish you had started today, 01-01-2016!

Another 366 days; no more excuse, no more delay… more procrastination